The Idaho Couples Golf Association was founded for the purpose of encouraging fraternization and the enjoyment of golf.  Since the inception of the organization in the 1970's all scoring has been done on a net basis and the only scores used having been from ICGA play. 

In 2008 the team with the lowest gross score was recognized for the first time by other members of the ICGA.  The team with the lowest gross score of the two day State Championship has been given a plaque which is paid for by individual members.  The ICGA has never formally recognized this award and the receipients do not receive any money or merchandise.  The receipients receive only a plaque and the recognition from their peers of their excellent play during the tournament.

Past Receipients

2008 Low Gross Score             Steve & Annie Davis
2009 Low Gross Score             Paul & Shirley Ruhter
2010 Low Gross Score             Ty and Chelsa Pearson